(Unfinished) This Day Aria; Blaze vs Anti Blaze

(Unfinished) This Day Aria; Blaze vs Anti Blaze

This Day Aria AMV
is the first video in the A Mobius Wedding Sonic pony crossover by EmileetheCat101. It features the hit song, "This Day Aria", that originated from the original My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode, "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2".


The AMV features singing parts for Anti-Blaze the Cat, who intends to marry Silver the Hedgehog for her own schemes, and Blaze the Cat, who is singing about her love for Silver and how much she wants him to be safe.


  • The video itself isn't complete, due to EmileetheCat101's lack of time to finish it.
  • Emilee the Cat's drawings for the video are sort-of mediocre, because she didn't exactly understand how to draw Blaze the Cat.
  • ERROR: Blaze's red jewel on her forehead is missing for the entire video.