Silver 1

The groom in the wedding. (NOT A SCREENSHOT)

 Silver the Hedgehog is a protagonist in A Mobius Wedding. He is hypnotized by Anti-Blaze, giving his eyes a green tint.


Silver is the groom at the wedding, and is Marine the Raccoon's GHBFF. He created a force field in order to keep Angel Island safe, but it caused him great headaches. Silver loves Blaze as much as she loves him, and he dances with her near the end. He has a very strong sibling-like relationship with Marine, because of their past together.


  • Silver is very defensive towards Blaze; he shows this after Marine accuses Anti-Blaze.
  • Silver plays the role of Shining Armor.
  • His gloves and shoes aren't very consistent in the episode.
  • When Silver says the line, "It seemed like she (Marine) had something else she wanted to tell me", the whites of his eyes are slightly light green.