Anti-Blaze (true form) mocking the real Blaze

 Anti-Blaze the Cat is the main antagonist of A Mobius Wedding. She intends to marry Silver the Hedgehog for her own schemes.


Anti-Blaze's first appearance was when she was impersonating the real Blaze. Throughout Part 1, she showed bad behavior towards Marine the Raccon's friends, who are oblivious to it, and constandly ignores Marine. Later in the episode, she can be seen arguing with Silver the Hedgehog, the groom, when he collapses from a peircing headache. Anti-Blaze then emanates a blue lazer from her ears and puts a spell on Silver. Marine later accuses her of doing this, and Anti-Blaze bursts into tears and runs out of the room. While Marine is crying on the steps, Anti-Blaze strokes her ears in false affection, then traps Marine in a green force field, then can be seen walking away from the raccoon, grinning evilly.

In Part 2, Anti-Blaze is found on the shiny rocks of the caves beneath Angel Island, taunting Marine. Her image constantly flickers on and off the rocks. Anti-Blaze next appears singing This Day Aria; at the end of the song, she laughs evilly. After Marine and the real Blaze show up at the wedding, Anti-Blaze becomes trully hostile, and transforms into her true, insect-like form, extremely similar to Queen Crysalis from MLP:FIM. She then explains her plan that by marrying Silver, he would not be able to protect Angel Island, and then Anti-Blaze's army of "Anti's" would invade the floating island, then invade all of Mobius. Afterwards, Princess Sally Acorn fights Anti-Blaze, with Anti-Blaze succeding, leaving Sally defeated. After her anti's capture Marine and her friends, Anti-Blaze gloats over Marine, saying how her friends didn't believe her accusations. She then peers down a window, and sings a reprise of This Day Aria. She is later seen gasping in shock at Silver and Blaze's powers combining, then screams "NO!" as she gets blown away from the blast created by Blaze and Silver's love, along with all the anti's.


  • Anti-Blaze doesn't have a jewel on her forehead even when she's impersonating Blaze. The reason is unknown.
  • She also has green eyes instead of gold like regular Blaze.
  • Her fur is scarlet while she was imporsomating Blaze, but it's black in her true form. Emilee the Cat says the reason is because another Youtuber, Supersonicluvscats, came up with this true form, and she prefered the latter.
  • She is sometimes reffered to as Gothia.
  • ERROR: Her wings change shape and color after a few shots of her true form.